wx2000 - Weather Data Logger Extraction Program (ws2000 model)

This is a data extraction program for the weather data loggers known as ws2000 for the Linux operating system (should work on other o.s. too without any change), I have seen the same logger with different model numbers so it may work for you even if your model nunber is not the same. I'll have a list of working or compatible models up some time in the future.

This program does not do any analyzing of the data just the fetching.

Here is the source (GPL) read the included README for further details

I would like to hear from anybody sucessfully using this software. :-)

check out wx2000's sourceforge project page

Latest version is 1.1

p.s. I know my web designing skill sucks, I'll update the page someday in the future (coding comes first).

For a discussion group (in german) on ws2000 try http://www.wetterstationsforum.de/

Friedrich Zabel
fredz AT wireless.com.pt (replace AT with @)

wx2000 is hosted by the cool people at sourceforge.net

all text copyright (C) 1999 - 2002 Friedrich Zabel